Our fully insulated plastic straps prevent cable damage and ensure safe installation of coaxial cable. The heavy-duty plastic saddles are molded from a super-high impact plastic that will not break, even when used in cold temperatures.

The straps are black in color and UV stabilized for extended outdoor use. White, ivory, tan, and gray colored straps are available on special order.

We make our nails from high carbon wire, and they are heat treated for use in mortar joints or 'soft' masonry. Zinc plating and a new yellow chromate provide improved corrosion protection.

To prevent cable damage from an accidental hammer blow, we've introduced straps with a self-tapping screw (instead of a nail). The hardened #6 x 1" Phillips Head Self-Tapping Screw has a deeper #7 head for extra engagement with a power screwdriver. If used with a plastic screw anchor, these straps can be used on masonry.

For the toughest jobs, we've also introduced straps with a #8 x 1" Slotted/Phillips Hex Head Type AB Tapping Screw. The screw will cut threads in a pre-drilled hole in concrete, block, or any masonry material. This screw also works well in wood and light metal.

The standard black zinc plating on the screws provides exceptional corrosion resistance. If straps are ordered in any of the optional colors, screws with zinc plating and yellow chromate are used.