Sturgeon Bay Metal Products, Inc. began in 1944 in a garage behind the home of John M. Anderson in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. While working as an electrician, John saw the need for a better and safer way of securing non-metallic sheathed cable. He obtained a patent in 1947 for a metal 1/2" wide HANDY STRAP having two movable nails. A machine was built to form the strap and insert the nails in one continuous operation. The biggest problem was to perfect the manufacturing operation and meet the demand that soon developed for this new type of fastener for electrical wiring.

In 1949 land was purchased near Sturgeon Bay and a building was constructed. Five additions have been made to the original building.

A patent for a plastic HANDY STRAP was obtained in 1966, a molding machine was purchased, and a mold and an assembly machine were built to produce the first plastic strap. The many advantages of our insulated plastic HANDY STRAPS were recognized by safety minded electricians, and our metal straps have been discontinued.

We have been fortunate to be able to build our own molds, and we have designed and built our own production equipment. This has enabled us to respond quickly to requests for new sizes of straps, and HANDY STRAPS are now available in over 35 different sizes. Our straps for coaxial cable have been very well received and are available in a full range of sizes. They are available with hardened nails or screws.

HANDY STRAPS for electrical wiring are sold to electricians and electrical contractors through wholesale electrical distributors. Our straps for coaxial cable are sold nationwide through leading wholesale cable television suppliers.

The high quality of our straps, the excellent service we give our customers, and our fair prices have enabled us to continue to be a leading manufacturer of straps for electrical wiring and coaxial cable.